Specializing in AK style firearms.

Contact us at: bret@neverenoughguns.com or call us at 931-220-1958.

Due to the volatility of the current gun market since the election and the lack of replacement parts kits, current AK sales are by auction through www.gunbroker.com under user name NEG.
Most of my current AK production are custom orders that never make it to GunBroker, but I do have a good selection of AR-15 rifles listed.

Either click here to see my guns for sale at GunBroker.com or search for our auctions at Gunbroker.com under the username NEG.

NEG is a family owned small business. I have been assembling AK type weapons for more than ten years now and take pride in making high quality weapons. My wife, Christine, keeps the paperwork in order and my daughter, Kaydee, helps with the website. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to discuss your interest in my guns.

This website is basically a picture gallery of my past builds and the rifles shown here have generally all been sold!
Due to the lack of available parts many of these guns can not be easily replicated.

I do offer building services.

Here are a few of my builds that were finished with professional black nitride QPQ that was done by H&M Metal Processing.
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My custom Russian AKS-74U

1986 Russian Tula AKS-74U

1969 Russian Ishmash AKMS

1969 Russian Tula AKMS

1969 Russian Ishmash AKM

1988 Russian AK105

Bulgarian AK105

Bulgarian AK74 side folder

M92 on M64 receiver

Yugoslivian M64 Underfolder

Milled Yugoslivain M70

Milled Yugoslivian M70

Israeli Micro Galil

Egyptian MAADI

Polish AKMS Underfolder

Russian Tula Khyber Pass clone

L1A1 British FAL

Hungarian AMD65

Custom Yugoslavian M92 SBR

Custom Polish Tantal Beryl

Romanian Tactical AK47

Click the picture below to see some of the builds I did prior to using H&M.

Below are links to some of my builds in action.
Suppressed Russian Krinkov SBR
Larry Vickers with one of my Russian AKS-74U builds
Review of a Polish Underfolder build
Custom NEG AK74 preview
Krinkov Rifle
Krinkov Pistol
.223/5.56 Yugo
ACU Romanian
Black Tactical Romanian
Ferret in action

My long haired son and I fueling up before going to the Ft. Campbell Air Assault School obstacle course

I finally have a shop with space for the machines I need!

My new Precision Matthews lathe.

British Ferret winter run.

Custom cut, thread and crown job.

I have built well over 500 AK type rifles and I do offer custom build services:

All firearms guaranteed to function properly when used with factory ammunition of the correct caliber. We are willing to rectify any malfunctions within one year of purchase or custom build. No cash refunds.

The price for a basic fixed stock kit build that is provided to me with a barrel that has already been populated and headspaced start at $285.
For kits that require re-barreling the build price starts at $485.
These prices are just for the build with the customer providing everything but the rivets.
I will provide custom tuned Tapco G2 trigger groups with retainer plates for $30.

If a customer provided 100% receiver is used I can legally ship the completed gun directly back to them.

For stamped receiver builds I prefer Nodak Spud, 74U LLC or Childers receivers.

The only finish I use now is the black nitride QPQ that is done by H&M Metal Processing.
Click here for an explanation of this process.
My cost for this professional finish is an additional $135-$150 based on the insured shipping cost of the firearm.

Return shipping generally runs from $30-$50.

Please make sure the item is legal in your area before requesting a build or placing a bid on Gunbroker.

If you have any questions, please email me at bret@neverenoughguns.com or call 931-220-1958.

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